Day 3: 12 Days of Purposeful Wellness

Busy Hands Stay Out of Chip Bowls. 

A handmade gift, like this one from my mom, is a treasure

One of the things that has helped me to maintain my weight loss is keeping my hands busy – I knit, cross-stitch, make cards, etc.  If I am knitting a hat for someone, I don’t want chip grease on it, so I don’t snack while watching TV.  Maybe you’re not a crafter, but you could do a Christmas puzzle, write Christmas cards for shut ins or neighbours, play a board game or a musical instrument, hold hands with your sweetheart or if you can find a baby to cuddle, you’ve got it made! You simply need something to keep the mind and hands engaged to help break that nighttime snacky habit. 

I enjoy sending handmade cards to friends and family – so easy and fun!

Prayer:  Jesus, Your creation amazes us.  Because we are made in Your image, we are each creative in our own way.  Help us to be a blessing to others through our creativity this season.  Jesus, we ask again for your help.  We want strong healthy bodies to bless others and shine Your Light in this season where so many feel it’s a dark and lonely time.  Show us how to be a blessing and ways to curb nighttime snacking in creative ways.

Published by Grace Gardiner

I am a Jesus girl, married to the biggest fan any woman could have. I have an amazing family that I treasure dearly. I am a teacher, speaker, writer, encourager and lover of way too many books and craft supplies. My passion is to seek God first in every area of my life and to lead women to find the purpose God has for them so they can thrive.

2 thoughts on “Day 3: 12 Days of Purposeful Wellness

  1. These are great ideas. I think I shall put on some beautiful thick body butter on my hands and some white cotton gloves on. This will certainly keep you from snacking😍 and help to heal my poor overworked, dry, cracked hands 🙌


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