Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Today was my first Saturday not to have to work in about a month. It will be a month before I get another. I love the work I do and find it very satisfying but I’ve been looking forward to today. A day to exhale and prepare my heart for Christmas.

I planned to do only what made me happy today. I started my day with coffee and my Advent devotions. I’ve found several really thought-provoking ones on the YouVersion Bible app. Then I had a chat with my uncle on the phone. He always shares where to find the deals and I love how out laughter filled conversations.

I took my time making baked oatmeal cobbler for breakfast. Its only 4 WW points and is really a comfort food meal. My husband and I watched a Christmas movie while eating breakfast. It felt so luxurious not to rush.

Then I stole away to my craft room to work on Christmas gifts. Its a creative space, not a tidy one, but I feel refreshed there, thinking about people I love as my hands fashion the gifts. I spied the treadmill and did a short workout. Yes! It is what I wanted to do. Being active every day is a gift I give myself and I am grateful for it.

My husband and I made supper together which is one of my all-time favourite things. I also made a second meal for tomorrow as I will be heading to work after church. Meal prep has been key not only for my weight loss goals but it eliminates some mind clutter when I know what’s for supper.

I did some preparation for church tomorrow. Again, it is not a chore to me, especially when I could work at my own pace. It is my joy to serve our much-loved church family and our community in this way.

As my husband studied his message I enjoyed a book and a hot bath. We moved into this house months ago and finally I took the time to relax in this way.

The day was all I hoped it would be. My muscles are relaxed, my mind is clear and I feel reenergized by treating myself well and preparing for days ahead.

In this busy Christmas season, one unlike we have ever known, take time to be good to yourself. Unwind and relax, even just for a while. As the familiar carol encourages, “Let every heart prepare Him room.” When you pause and allow yourself to be refreshed then you can focus on what is really important. What is important in this season is not gifts, decorations or baking, but Jesus.

As you prepare to make room in your day and your heart for Jesus, He will bring the best Christmas gifts of all – love, joy, peace and rest. When you have those, you have all you need for the year ahead, and enough to share as well.

Published by Grace Gardiner

I am a Jesus girl, married to the biggest fan any woman could have. I have an amazing family that I treasure dearly. I am a teacher, speaker, writer, encourager and lover of way too many books and craft supplies. My passion is to seek God first in every area of my life and to lead women to find the purpose God has for them so they can thrive.

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