Embracing Interruption

I think God is trying to get my undivided attention. My friends, I am being vulnerable here. I have been working away on my October planners, lesson plans for church and school, baking lists, Christmas shopping lists….. But, I am feeling that God wants me to learn to be interruptable. How do I know this? In recent reading and conversations with friends I am hearing these words:

“Lord, unrush me.”

“Jesus, you have permission to mess with my plan.”

“God, interrupt my day with Your plan.”

“Surprise me, Lord.”

When I read that last one this morning, I surrendered. I thought I had before, but my planner nature easily tries to take charge again. I can make a plan, and I know God made me a planner-girl. But I have to remember that the plans I make are to live a life that glorifies God and blesses others. If I am so captivated by my ideas for how this day is going to turn out that I wear blinders to the people and opportunities that He places in front of me, then I am missing the mark. Its a matter of doing an excellent thing in place of a good thing.

We’ve all heard those stories of people who had an interruption that caused them to miss a train or plane that later crashed. We rejoice in the interruption later, but at the time of the interruption was there much rejoicing?

The Lord says, “My thoughts are not like your thoughts. Your ways are not like my ways. Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9 NCV)

Not too long ago, a friend from many years ago contacted me on social media. I was glad to reconnect. When she asked for my number, I gave it to her. When she called not long after, I made an excuse to myself that I did not have time to talk to her and I would call her back. I did not take the call. About a week later I found that she had passed away suddenly. Imagine the regret I felt. Still feel. That was a lesson I will never forget. But still I found I did not heed the lesson the Lord taught me. I know well enough that I will keep taking that test until I succeed. I am determined to succeed. I do not want to miss an opportunity like that again.

So now, in the morning, I pray that God will interrupt my plan with His; that He will surprise me with how He can connect me to unexpected people and opportunities to be a blessing, or just to see His hand at work in my life. I want to be flexible and adaptable to the flow of the day, not stressing about what is left on the list. Seriously, my friends, do we ever come to the end of those lists?

I believe that embracing the interruptions in our day will help us live more purposeful lives than any perfectly completed to-do list can give. A purposeful life is a more contented life. Contentment springs from gratitude and certainly we need to be grateful that God loves us enough to mess with our plan with something unexpectedly amazing.

I’m not going to throw away my planners, or stop making lists. I’m going to start writing my plans in pencil and embrace the interruption.

Published by Grace Gardiner

I am a Jesus girl, married to the biggest fan any woman could have. I have an amazing family that I treasure dearly. I am a teacher, speaker, writer, encourager and lover of way too many books and craft supplies. My passion is to seek God first in every area of my life and to lead women to find the purpose God has for them so they can thrive.

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